Presenting ALEC I-K: the new name in men’s casual shirting and supporting better men’s mental health in partnership with the charity CALM

ALEC I-K is a new premium British menswear label, focused on reinventing that wardrobe staple, the casual shirt.

Specialising in luxury grade casual shirting, London-based ALEC I-K has updated the informal button-down shirt with a contemporary, innovative approach to detail, comfort and style. The made-to-last construction, use of the finest cotton and cashmere fabrics and subtle deviations from traditional shirt design in key details reflect the company’s philosophy of ‘standout subtlety’.

What’s the story?

“We looked at how traditional shirts are made, and then decided to take this in a new direction that makes sense now,” says Alec, founder of ALEC I-K. “I want to give guys the opportunity to wear something understated and relaxed, yet distinct. This is about doing your own thing, in your own time and being at your most comfortable physically and mentally.”


It’s all in the detail

The ALEC I-K signature casual shirt is styled in a relaxed slim fit. The unique shawl collar and ribbed cuffs are key design elements, and also make for a casual shirt that’s as easy to slide in and out of as that other comfort staple, the t-shirt.

Shirts are made with insanely soft Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton from the United States. Made ethically and sustainably in Portugal to the highest standard possible, there are no fewer than 14 details that separate ALEC I-K’s shirts from traditionally made casual shirts. This ensures a high-quality construction, clean, ergonomic lines and a distinct casual feel.

Versatility and comfort are paramount: wear this shirt however you want, whenever you want, be it a weekend away, date night, for your coffee ritual or a lazy Sunday dog walk. ALEC I-K is encouraging its customers to play with different styles: partly untucked, layered over a tee, sleeves pulled up.


Moral Fibre


Social Mission


From the very start Alec has always wanted business to benefit society, not just those who enjoy their clothes. Therefore, Alec has chosen a cause close to his heart and donates 10% of profits to causes aligned with his ambition of improving men’s mental health, including CALM which fights against the biggest killer of men under 45 years old, suicide.


Ethics and Sustainability

ALEC I-K believes in social responsibility. That means no sweatshops, ethical and sustainable practices and fair pricing.

To achieve this, fabrics are carefully sourced from around the world, manufacturing is entirely in Portugal, ecological cardboard is used for packaging which is biodegradable and recyclable and a ‘digital first’ approach is followed with carefully selected partners to ensure the best customer experience and care possible.

Shirting Details

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